Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wednesday's Lunch: Banana-rama

We love bananas in this house...crazy like. We could go through about 12 bananas in a week. Griddles could live off of bananas if I let her. But I don't, because to tell you the truth I don't like the filmy feel they leave on my fingers when I peel them. Does that make me weird?

In this bento:
School Snack:
*Orange slices
*Annie's cocoa and vanilla gluten free bunny cookies
*Homemade gluten free banana pancake muffins (recipe coming later)
*Green container of syrup
*String cheese
*Banana and nutella kabobs
*Green vanilla yogurt
After school snack:
*Apple slices w/ peanut butter
*EnviroKids gluten free rice crispy treat bar

Packed in:
School Snack:
*Toy Story Zak! icepack container
*Green sandwich container from Tupperware
After school snack:
*Green plaid bento box

The only reason I am adding my lunch/snack lately is because I think these mini sweet peppers are too freaking cute!!!

In this bento:
*5 mini sweet peppers
*Laughing cow cheese wedge
*Cucumber slices
*Roasted garlic hummus

Packed in:
*I'm a mean mama, and stole Bubs Spongebob Squarepants Tupperware this time. He is lucky he has a ton other containers. Maybe I should invest in some of my own.....nah!

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