Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday's Lunch: Times 2

First off, sorry this is a day late. Actually, I'm kind of not sorry. I made these lunches last night and meant to post them, but instead, I went to bed. I was thrilled to get into bed before that clock hit double digits. If it makes me old, than I'm old and I don't care.

Bubs is on spring break. Normally he would go to his before/after school program, however, they were closed today, I had to work, and the husband had to work...dilema...where is Bubs going to go? My friend was fabulous enough to take him and all of his high maintenance glory for the WHOLE day! However, there was payment required...I had to pack her son a lunch, which I totally would have done anyway.

Double the pleasure, double the fun...

In these bentos
(Bubs is on the left, his friend is on the right):

*Squeezable applesauce
*Cheese cubes
*Turkey pepperoni
*Veggie Chips
*Yogurt with spring animal sprinkles
*Gluten free chocolate sandwich cookie
*Fruit snacks
*Easter Egg shaped peanut butter and apple jelly sandwich
(Bubs is on Udi's gluten free bread, his friend has whole wheat)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Irma for watching him today!! I owe you big time. Maybe I will pack you a lunch!

Update on the Bubs: He went back to the doctor today for his follow-up appointment. He is doing much better. Doc says he will be on his drink medicine for a LONG time, like years probably, and now has to take fiber gummies 2 times a day. The doctor also wants us to introduce gluten back into his diet gradually and see how he tolerates it with being on the medicine. Fingers crossed that he can stomach it because I'm not going to lie...gluten-free is not easy!

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