Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Despicable Aunt Bentos

While I was home in North Carolina, I had the opportunity to spoil my niece and nephew like crazy! I don't get to see the very often because of the distance, but when I do get to, I love it!!!!

I posted once before about my niece "Wheels" and her demanding that I pack her lunches. Well, I obliged and packed her lunches for a week. It was so fun. Here they are:
In this bento:
*Grape jelly NY Giants sandwich (she is a huge Giants fan!)
*Eli Manning rice krispie treat
*Ritz Crackers with Eli's #10 cut out in cheese
*Pirate's Booty
*Mandarin oranges (in the Spongebob egg container)
In this bento:

*Peanut butter and jelly "A" sandwich with flowers (her name starts with an A)
*Cheese stick
*Turkey "flowers"
*Ritz crackers
*Heart shaped cheese
*Mini carrots
In this bento:
*Red Angry bird sandwich (Mini bagel, pepperoni, cheese)
*Blueberries (for the mini blue birds)
*Koala cookies
*Hard boiled egg (for the white birds)
*York peppermint patty (for the black bomb bird)
I had so much fun with her and I hope she enjoyed her lunches. I think I got my sisters into the bento making world and hopefully they will keep it up!

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