Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friday's Lunch: Lego!

The boy loves Legos. What little boy doesn't, really? I've seen actual bento boxes that look like Legos, and I WANT one so bad, but the husband would be livid if I spent more money to feed my bento habit. So, this is my attempt at a Lego bento.

In this bento:
*Turkey and cheese lego block sandwiches (with colby jack cheese on top)
*Watermelon cubes
*Trader Joe's fruit jelly squares
*Sweet potato waffle fries (leftovers from dinner)
*Yoplait Strawberry Greek Yogurt (his new favorite thing) with fruit leather letters that spell "Lego"
All packed in an EasyLunchbox, which I have said before, I LOVE!

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