Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bento Mash-Up

So...I'm just an all around bad blogger.
I get in a rhythm, then life happens and blog posts don't.
We are coming to the end of Spring break.
Maybe...just maybe, I will get back on the wagon.
We'll see.
Needless to say, here are some bentos. 
I am surprised that I know what all the foods are.
Bento #1:
*Lorax sandwich
Bento #2: 
*Egg salad sandwich
*Vanilla yogurt with raspberries
Bento #3:
*Cheeseburger patty
*Apple cinnamon mini donut
*Fruit snacks
*Vanilla yogurt with raspberries
Bento #4: 
*DIY pizzas (tortillas, sauce, mini pepperoni, cheese)
*Homemade banana bread
Bento #5: 
*Mini egg quiches
*Celery with peanut butter
Bento #6: 
*Blueberry waffle PB & J
*Mini pepperoni
*Cheese shapes

~*~Have a great week!~*~

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